Tea Packing Machine

Tea Packing Machine

Tea Bag Packing Machine

  • Product No.: YS-169



1. Use :
This machine is suitable for green/black tea, medical tea packing, inner bag and outer bag was forming at one time.

2. Feature :
1、outer plastic film was controlelr by stepper motor, running stable and positional accuracy.
2、adopt PID adjusted temperature controller, The temperature control more accurate
3、adopt PLC control all machine working, operation in touch screen and easy operate.
4、material used in stainless steel 304, foods grade.
5、Pneumatic components adopt import, working stable.

3.. Parameter :
Sealing mode:three side sealing
Filling volume: 2-8 gram per bag
Inner bag size :length 50—75 ㎜;width 50—75 ㎜
Outer bag size:length 85—120 ㎜;width75—95 ㎜
Mark size:25X20mm
Power:220V/50HZ single 3.7kw
Heater :top vertical heating element(inner)110V 350W 2pcs
top horizonal heating element(inner)110V 350W 2pcs
Mark heating bar: 110V 100W 2pcs
Bottom vertical heating element(outer) 110V 350W 2pcs
Bottom horizonal heating element(outer) 110V 350W 2pcs
Weight :650KG
Size :1400X800X1800(mm)


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