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GYL Liquid Filling Machine
GYL Liquid Filling Machine

GYL Liquid Filling Machine

Machine Description

1.This machine adopts imported mechanical parts, piston and pot is made of stainless steel and polytetrafluroethylene.
2.New type horizontal design, legerity and convenient, take out material automatically and avoid trouble of frequent putting in material of vertical hopper.
3.Switch function between manual and automatic; when machine is under automatic condition, machine fills continuously automatically with set speed, when machine is under manual condition, operator steps on footplate to realize filing.
4.Cylinder and three-way part adopt cuff connection which is easy to remove. It doesn't need any special tools so it is easy to clean.
5.Anti-leaking filing system: during filing, cylinder moves up and down and drive end ring.  
6.Filling speed : 15-30bottles per min.


Techincal Parameter

Filling Volume


Filling Accuracy


Filling speed


Working Method


Air Source Pressure


Contact Part Material

304 / 316L SS

Filling material

cream,liquid detergent



Pneumatic control or Electric control




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