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Food with Desiccant Packing Machine
Food with Desiccant Packing Machine

Food with Desiccant Packing Machine

Food with Desiccant Packing Machine

The food with desiccant packing machine is suitable for high requested of dried food package,such as durian dry food package,fruit and vegetable crisp package and other fried or puffed snacks packaging solutions; the desiccant sachet will be filled by the parcel delivery machine with the multihead weigher filling at the same time.

The whole package line has 6-parts

1.  Vertical Packer

Its main function for forming different size bag by different bag former,printing date or logo or bar code etc and sealing bag. And the Human Interface Operation Screen is a customized for client's small operation space limited.


2.  10-Head Weigher 

Since the whole set for the small sachet pacakge that usually 1.6 litre flat hopper is enough,but must with the collection hopper to increase the weighing speed during the whole packaging production processes.


3.  Z Type Material Elevator 

The Z material feeding is a sealed type which can keep the products clean during conveying on the whole production package.


4.  Supporing Platform 



It is usually dimple floor for antislip and its main function is to support the multihead weigher stably and easy for check the weigher.


5.  Finished Product Conveyor  

The conveyor usually for finished bag conveying to some places,such as a box,a container;also it can connect with turntable ,check weigher,metal detector etc.


6.  Parcel Delivery Machine



The parcel delivery machine has an intelligent synchronous working combination with packaging machinery during production packaging processes and very easy to operate.  

Parameter Data


Bag Length


Bag Width


Film Width

420mm (Max.)

Packing Speed

36-56 bag/min

Gas Consumption

0.42m3/min ( If Servo,it is less)

Air Pressure



220V AC 50HZ/60HZ,Single phase,6.9kw

Package Material

Aluminium film,OPP/CPP,OPP/PE,PET/PE,PE/PE etc

Total Cubic Meter

11.068 CBM

Gross Weight







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